Tuesday, 12 March 2013

'wish me luck'

As this snapshot is undated, there is a chance that it might still be 1939.  However the fashions and the man in military uniform have a 1940s flavour.
In 1942 austerity measures were introduced which restricted the amount of fabric used in clothing, also the number of buttons, pockets and pleats, etc in garments.  Looking at the pleats and buttons, these ladies appear to have suits which were made prior to 1942.


  1. I love seeing the different fashions from different time periods...you taught me something new...had no idea they limited buttons and pleats...it makes sense though

  2. I had no idea too. Based on their smiles the two ladies are related.

  3. Lovely picture, but knowing the era makes you wonder if the man ever returned from wherever he was off to... Notice that he has his hand on the lady on the left, but he is reluctant to touch the lady on the right. This indicates to me he was in a relationship with the lady on the left. I agree with Rob that the two ladies look related.


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