Tuesday, 26 March 2013

wrap up well

You certainly need to be well wrapped up in the weather we are 'enduring', widespread snow and temperatures barely above freezing in the daytime, since last Friday and set to continue.  Anyhow this little soul looks cheerful enough, found snapshot, 1930s.


  1. This is just adorable...and I think I could use those blankets...she does look warm. It is starting to warm up here and the snow is begnning to melt....yeahhhhhhh

  2. I can't understand why somebody would loose such a pic. If it is your child, or yourself, or a parent, these kind of pics are among the first items I would salvage when my house is on fire.

    BTW still freezing cold over here, the chill factor is awful.

    1. A lot of these photos come from house clearances after someone dies, in some cases there is no family left to have the belongings. Sometimes the family who remain include family photos with the rest of the stuff to go, which I can never understand. I'm sure this picture was treasured for years.


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