Wednesday, 17 April 2013

a lighthouse - (now identified)

Unidentified location. (now identified see below).  I think the photo dates from the 1930s (but doesn't belong with the same photos as the previous two lighthouses) and the location will be somewhere in the UK.
If you know where it is, please leave a comment, thanks. The cliff on the right may be a clue.

Edit: Thanks to Karen S, it looks like Eddystone lighthouse off Plymouth.  (wiki link)


  1. I hope the photo is tilted instead of the lighthouse.

  2. With the slight tilt it almost looks as if it is floating!

  3. In checking Google images, it looks like this is off Plymouth, Eddystone lighthouse? I am fascinated by all lighthouses.

    1. Thanks Karen :)
      I'm impressed, I look at these lighthouse photos and then look at images on google and seem to get nowhere ;)


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