Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday stamps

For this week's theme, I've found a couple of stamps in my 'collection/stash' which relate to the environment.  The above stamps from West Germany, issued in May 1980 are about conservation areas, 'Naturschutzgebiete'.  It has a nice cancellation too but I'm not sure of the significance, the place is Ketsch, on the Rhein (wiki link).

The next stamp was issued in 1993 for an international horticultural exhibition in Stuttgart.

I'm linking to Viridian's Sunday Stamps, click on the icon to visit more entries this week.
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  1. There is certainly a lot of greenery on the stamps. I hadn't thought of going down this route.

  2. I hadn't thought of this route either... as a result I had nothing to share this week. but I wanted to see what everyone else posted.

    still waiting for some green in my area :)

  3. i am a huge fan of green :))
    also, thank you for your unesco offer - feel free to e-mail me on my address in profile :)

  4. These stamps are perfect, and why I included environment in the theme for this week. Thank you for joining us!

  5. Lovely fresh green to make us think of spring - if only!

  6. That postmark is very cool. The stamps seem to go well together - using the same colours and all. Very nice and bright.

  7. Very beautiful and colourful stamps!
    Really fresh and eye-catching stuff!


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