Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sunday stamps

For this week's theme of remembrances/celebrations/anniversaries in April, I found the following stamps in my (disorganised) 'collection'.
The Queen has a birthday on 21st April, the stamp below was issued by Hong Kong for her 60th birthday.

Shakespeare (allegedly) has his birthday on 23rd April, St George's Day, the next stamp is one of a set issued 23 April 1964 for the Shakespeare Festival. The year of his birth was 1564, so this was a centenary year.

The next stamp dates from 1965 and is for the Centenary of Joseph Lister's discovery of antiseptic - and I've included it with today's theme as a 'medical-themed' stamp for World Health Day, 7th April. 

So, as I was looking for stamps for this week, I 'found' several which would've been perfect for recent themes, if only I had found them in the correct week, so here they are . . . (if the theme comes up again I am sure to have 'lost' them) . . .

the lighthouse off Beachy Head, in a set from 2006 . . . 

a couple of stamps with minerals . . .

and this one from a landscapes set in 1966, is County Antrim, N Ireland . . .

I'm participating in Viridian's Sunday stamps, click on the icon below to see more entries for this week's theme.
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  1. Oh, you have been busy!
    I also thought of the Queen's birthday today but couldn't decide which one of the dozens I have with her on so I skipped it. I like that informal portrait on the Hong Kong stamp.

  2. I empathise with finding stamps after the event but you've solved the problem:-) I love the effect of light on the Beachy Head stamp.

  3. You did an original choice!

  4. A rich entry, with many pretty stamps! I too like the Beachy head stamp - an interesting perspective. And I had forgotten about Shakespeare's birthday. Thank you for participating - in several weeks' Sunday Stamps. :-)

  5. You have quite the collection of stamps...I love the Queen's birthday one!

  6. Wow nice stamps! I regret not getting a Shakespeare stamp when I went to his birthplace...

  7. i thought the shakespeare's day would be the toughest to find, you found a perfect one :) heh i also came across many minerals now while looking through one of my stamp albums ;)

  8. Beautiful stamps and great info!
    Keep smiling and Keep Shinning!


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