Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sunday stamps

For this week's free choice, this set was issued in 1963 by Egypt featuring the UNESCO Campaign to save the Temples at Abu Simbel.  The temples were being relocated to prevent them disappearing forever under the waters of Lake Nasser.

I've visited the Temples at Abu Simbel, and they are truly breathtaking, I think it would be very hard (probably impossible) to capture that on a stamp.

Here's the wiki link for more information on Abu Simbel and the UNESCO campaign.

I'm participating in Viridian's Sunday Stamps, click on the icon below to see more of this week's entries.
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  1. Almost as much skill needed to move them to safety as to create. The stamps capture the essence, I especially like the last one.

  2. It was a tremendous engineering feat to remove and relocate the Temples. I agree the stamps can't match the result.

  3. i really like the message of this set of stamps - and i envy you on seeing abu simbel!

  4. Thank you Lisa for posting the wiki link, I learned quite a bit. What an undertaking, to move the two temples! One wonders what it would cost today.
    Thank you for joining us today.

  5. I read on the wiki link...Must have been a LOT of work. AMAZING!!

  6. I cannot even imagine this being done today, never mind the cost!

  7. It is so hard to comprehend them moving those temples! I visited them in 2008 and was absolutely blown away by them. While the place is breathtaking and hard to capture - I do love the stamps. Especially the middle one showing the statues inside. Fantastic!


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