Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sunday stamps

For this week's theme of children's toys and games, I found these GB issued in 1996 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of children's television. I just have the two values, the 26p with Sooty and Harry Corbett (wiki link for the Sooty show)

and the 31p of Stingray, you can see the intro to the tv show here on youtube 

Edit: the other values in the set were 20p Muffin the Mule, 37p the Clangers and 43p Dangermouse.

Then tucked behind these in the stockbook/album was this lighthouse stamp which would've done nicely a couple of weeks ago . . .

I'm participating in Viridian's Sunday stamps, click the icon below to see more of this week's entries.
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  1. Oh, I didn't know these shows. Nice stamps!

  2. I was never keen on Sooty as a kid but Stingray was a favourite. Now I'm wondering which the other shows were on the stamps. The lighthouse stamp is a nice surprise.

    1. the others in the set were 20p Muffin the Mule, 37p the Clangers and 43p Dangermouse. I wish I had the complete set, something else to look out for ;)

  3. I hadn't seen any of these but am disappointed to have missed the others in the Stingray set.

  4. Being in the USA I am not familiar with these shows.
    And it's never too late for a lighthouse stamp!
    Thank you for participating this week.

  5. I don't remember that set from 1996 at all. I must have been in hibernation...

  6. These are really fun and quirky!

  7. Neither of those shows are familiar to me. But I have now looked up Stingray on Youtube (and imdb) and spent several entertaining minutes viewing!


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