Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday stamps

~ commemorating 100 years of cycling in 1978.  I don't remember any of these,  probably too young ;)

Edit:  Thanks to Rob, I just looked up the FDC in the SG Concise Catalogue, and it should be to mark the 'Centenaries of the Cyclists' Touring Club and British Cycling Federation'.

I'm participating in Viridian's Sunday Stamps, clicking on the icon below will take you to this week's entries.
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  1. I like the different types of bicycles, and fashions. That last one definitely says 70s.

  2. I think people already bicycled before 1878 (even Leonardo Da Vinci experimented with bikes, but he was way ahead of his time). Thanks for posting.

    1. You're right :) I've just looked it up in the Stanley Gibbons Concise GB catalogue, and correctly it should be, 'Centenaries of the Cyclists' Touring Club and British Cycling Federation'.
      I'll take more care next time ;) ;)

  3. I love the posture of the woman riding in the 9p stamp - she is so erect with her hands placed on the handlebars at her lap!!

  4. Coincidentally, I just today scanned a black & white negative and noticed that on the wall of a building there was a plaque with the characteristic three-winged Cyclists' Touring Club emblem.

  5. I wasn't too young in 1978, but don't remember them either.

  6. I did have these once, in fact I may even have one or two of the stamp cards left.

  7. You have such a very cool collection.So nice!!!!


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