Friday, 10 May 2013

walking along the front . . .

Another 1950s walking picture. I haven't yet identified the location, as some of the other photos with this one were taken in Rhyl, I thought it might be Rhyl, but now I've had a look on google maps I don't think it is.
I think I'd totally forgotten about the existence of duffel bags until I saw this picture.  At school I had a duffel bag for my PE kit.  


  1. I had a bright orange duffle bag in school lol The things you remember.

  2. It looks more like a large city than a small seaside resort like Rhyl. I had to look up Rhyl, apparently it is located in Northern Wales close to Liverpool (The Beatles played two times in Rhyl).

    1. it's too bad that the bus is too far away to read where it is going.
      I didn't know the Beatles played in Rhyl. The resorts of North Wales were popular holiday destinations for people living in the Midlands (the area around Birmingham).


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