Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sunday stamps


These Rupert Bear stamps are on a cover from 1993, which is a something of a hybrid, one stamp from the UK and one from Guernsey, and must have been collectable via the newspaper.
If you'd like to know more about Rupert the Bear, here's the wiki link.

I'm joining Viridian's Sunday Stamps, click the icon below to see more entries from this week.
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  1. I used to love Rupert Bear! Still do, I suppose, but once upon a time I read all the annuals.

  2. I like two country covers, its a wonderfully exuberant cover.

  3. We used to follow Rupert in the newspaper regularly when I was a boy. Who would be brave enough to wear trousers like his. Two fine stamps.

  4. What fun and colorful stamps! I don't think Rupert has made it to America yet. thank you for joining in.

  5. i must admit i have never heard of rupert...but he makes for a lovely colourful cover :)

  6. Have you ever seen a happier bear? I also loved Rupert and looked forward to the annuals in the post.
    Great postmark, too.


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