Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sunday stamp(s)

For this week's theme of cars, this 6d stamp from September 1966 was one of a set of 4 celebrating British Technology.  This was the only one in the set to feature cars (the others were Jodrell Bank, a hovercraft and Windscale).
I wish whoever collected this had left it on the envelope, from what remains the cancellation would have been interesting.

I'm participating in Viridian's Sunday stamps, clicking the icon below will take you there.
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  1. The design looks interesting... again, I need a Cars for Dummies manual...

  2. I have the Jodrell Bank stamp but had not seen this one before. Fine stamp.

  3. I love the colours of this stamp. It seems to be very modern!

  4. What a nice design, definitely the "white heat of technology". I have the Jodrell Bank one but no others so had not seen this one.

  5. It must be from the days when 6d was a high value because I don't remember it either. I like the clean lines of the design.

  6. Isn't that an outline of a Jaguar? If I have my cars right! Thank you for joining in.


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