Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sunday stamps

My choice for this week's free theme is prompted by a story in the news this week about the head of a tattooed Maori Warrior, found in storage in a university in Birmingham, being ceremoniously returned to New Zealand (link to story).

The stamp (above) was one of the definitives issued between 1970 and 1976.  Two more stamps from the same series featuring Maori items are below.
(btw if the theme tattooed comes up, I shall have to post this stamp again :) ).

I'm participating in Viridian's Sunday stamps, clicking on the icon below will take you there.
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  1. Even for the Victorians collecting heads for a hobby is strange. Yes if a tattoo theme comes up these lovely stamps are worth sharing again.

  2. I especially like the first stamp. The design reminds me of Mexican folk art.

  3. If I find a tattoo stamp myself, or get one via Postcrossing, we can certainly have this theme!
    Thank you for participating.

  4. I had somehow missed this story. Museums seem to have an awful lot of things that are never displayed.
    That is an elaborately carved club! I would think more for ceremonial use than as a weapon?

  5. Hi Lisa, my first time to see tattoo on stamp. It's always a curiosity for me how they come up with such elaborate designs! If the tattoo theme comes up, I won't have any to share but I remember I have a postcard with American Indian art similar to that Maori design.

  6. Three great designs and objects I would love to see.

  7. Impressive tattoos and designs. The return of the Maori head reminds me of similar stories concerning Native Americans' remains.


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