Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday stamps

For this week's theme of singers, I have a stamp which I have posted before, but as it was over 2 years ago, I thought it wouldn't hurt to post again . . .  Marlene Dietrich (wiki link).  The stamp was issued in August 1997.
One of my favourite singers, here's a link to 'Lili Marlene' and 'Sag mir wo die Blumen sind'.

I didn't find many singers while browsing through my stamps, so stretching the theme a little, I did find the conductor, Toscanini (wiki link).

And now really stretching theme to a song (rather than a singer), here's Davy Crockett.  (link)

I'm participating in Viridian's Sunday Stamps, clicking the icon below will take you there.
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  1. I started to hum that song but discovered that I only know the verse, well actually really only up to 'the king of the wild frontier' line. I'll have to look up the lyrics otherwise it will puzzle. The three stamps are in nice contrasting styles.

  2. Hey, I cheated a bit too this week. Couldn't find anything as good as Marlene though.

  3. I'm not sure if this will be a second comment because Google decided to log me out all of a sudden.

    I was just echoing Joy in that I find the Davy Crockett tune very catchy. But I do love Marlene Dietrich's singing too.

  4. I was surprised that Marlene Dietrich was a singer as well as an actress.

  5. MARLENE DIETRICH is hard to beat. Thanks for the link. And Fess Parker as Davy is a very good childhood memory also.

  6. Stretching is good, for our muscles and for Sunday Stamp themes.
    thaank you for joining in!

  7. Funny how just the mention of Davy Crockett and the song is immediately in my head!

  8. Nice selection! I had never seen these stamps. I like specially the first one, but I didn't know she was a singer besides of an actress!

  9. This weekend I learned that Marlene Dietrich slept with father (Joseph) and son (JF) Kennedy (although not at the same time). Sometimes one can have too much information I guess...

    I've downloaded The Blue Angel movie but I haven't watched it yet. The thing I always appreciate in her is that in the 1930s she already loathed the nazies, which is very recommendable.

    The Davy Crockett song is uplifting, the two songs by Marlene Dietrich are beautiful but also (lyric-wise) very sad.


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