Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Three Horseshoes

So if you didn't quench your thirst in the 1930s at yesterday's pub, then maybe you would have visited The Three Horseshoes at Hernehill.  

As for the name 'The three horseshoes', according to wiki, pub names containing 'three' 'are often based on the arms of a London livery company or trade guild', so three horseshoes relates to the 'Worshipful Company of Farriers'.  Incidentally pubs called the three horseshoes are found all over the country, not just in the London area.


  1. I really like this,and I'd stop in if I were there. I would order Shepherds pie too if they offered it.

  2. If I'll ever own a horse and happen to ride over there I will remember this info I hope.

  3. A pint of ale sounds good right now.

  4. I would love to mosey on into a place like ths! fun find!


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