Monday, 3 February 2014

9. Swimming Pool, Plymouth

I think this 'picture' comes from one of those souvenir packs of, say, 12 images of 'your holiday destination', nicely packaged in a little envelope.
As I was wondering what to post (which believe me can take a while, sometimes nearly all day before a decision is made), I was reading the BBC news, in particular this story about the flooding on the south coast, when I thought I recognised the Lido.  So a brief (!) search through my scanned pictures and I found the above souvenir photo, probably from the 1940s or 1950s.  
According to wiki, the Art Deco lido dates from 1935 and survived until 1992, but then was saved and renovated and re-opened in 2005.  (Article on the refurbishment here).


  1. Well it's a lovely invite to vacation there.

  2. I thought the Lido was located in Paris, but apparently there is also (another kind of) Lido in Plymouth. The photos of the flood are devastating (but also familiar, we have seen these floodings over here as well in the past).

  3. Now that is a swimming pool...glad they renovated it,,,kits if gustirt!


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