Saturday, 15 February 2014

Christ church, Port Sunlight

Port Sunlight is a village on Merseyside which was built by Lever Brothers in the late 1880s to accomodate the workers of their soap factory.  (Wiki link).
The church was built 1902-1904 (wiki link), this postcard hasn't been used postally so it doesn't offer us any other stories.


  1. Oh, I was there two years ago. I really liked Port Sunlight and the art gallery.

  2. It was only yesterday that I was talking to some friends about Port Sunlight, Portmeirion and Prince Charles' place. I find the atmosphere in them rather spooky, but maybe I watched too much television in the days of The Prisoner. It's years since I was in Port Sunlight so it may have changed.

  3. Love the details of this stunning church...looks like an ink drawing!

  4. Port Sunlight -- what a poetic name.


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