Friday, 14 February 2014

'god help you if you don't turn up'

As if this little verse is not enough to win a young lady's heart, here's what was written on the reverse . . .

'Dear Lily, Just a line to let you know I am alright hoping you are the same  I shall hope to see you tonight at 7.30 god help you if you don't turn up  well I hope you have got your lips alright again for I feel in good trim so don't forget  I remain your's etc  Enville xxx'

I'm presuming that Enville put it in an envelope to keep the content for Lily's eyes only.

Printed in Berlin, the postcard itself dates from pre WW1, maybe sent around 1910 ~ 1912. Well taking a look at the 1911 census, there are only two 'Enville's'.  An 'Enville Angel' who was a sailor and an 'Enville Howard' who lived in West Bromwich.  Maybe it was sent by one of them, although neither went on to marry a Lily.  Perhaps she never turned up.

Happy Valentine's Day.


  1. Beautiful! But poor Enville...

  2. What a stunning Valentine and what a story behind it!


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