Sunday, 16 March 2014

Sunday stamps

This week's theme of 'letters, postcards and the post' gives me an excuse to post this very pretty German stamp from 1991 for 'Stamp Day'.

And where would we be without letter boxes?  These fine examples appeared on a set issued by the Isle of Man.

I'm participating in Viridian's Sunday stamps, clicking on the icon below will take you there.
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  1. That wonderful German stamp could easily become one of my favourite stamps. I like the stamps that tell a story by themselves (well, in fact every stamp does...).
    Have a nice Sunday.

  2. The German mailman would have to be a good oarsman as well!

    I love those red postboxes and have always been sad that we got rid of ours when we dropped the Royal Mail and became Canada Post.

  3. I love the German stamp. What a fun way to get mail!

  4. That would be a nice way to receive mail, pretty stamp. I wish we had a Stamp Day.

  5. Great stamps from the IOM. I shall have to go on a postbox hunt with my camera. More and more are disappearing.

    1. Funny you say a postbox hunt. I have to say that ours here in Florida are few and far between. It's almost impossible to find one now a days.
      -Great post by the way.-

  6. I am sorry to hear the postboxes are disappearing Some lovely ones on the IOM stamps!
    Thank you for joining in this week.

  7. I love the IOM series, especially the one with the ivy all around it. We have a box very like that near here but before I could go and take a photo, someone trimmed the ivy right back. I'll have to wait a couple more years for my photo opportunity.

  8. The first time I see mail being delivered by boat! Beautiful stamp, and beautiful letter boxes, too.

  9. I’m so glad the letter recipient dressed in full costume to greet the postman! It does make for a colourful stamp.


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