Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sunday stamps

Farm animals and farms was not such an easy find (for me) for this week's theme, but I did come across the following . . . .

. . . quite a few cattle - though I have shown the Argentinian stamps before . . .

 two sheep from the Falklands (also shown before)

a tractor from the DDR

and my favourite, which is a little off theme, a Delft cow from the Netherlands.

For more farm animals, visit Viridian's Sunday stamps by clicking the icon below.
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  1. I have never seen any of these stamps. I don't know why, but my favourite is the DDR tractor. What a beautiful design!
    And of course, all stamps with cows made me jealous...

  2. Those Argentinian cattle stamps are classics. I love the little delft cow and tiles.

  3. Some fine beast here but I'd pick the Falkland's sheep.

  4. Cattle does seem to be a favourite choice for farm animals on stamps. (Personally, I like sheep)

  5. Lovely stamps, all of them! The Delft cow is cute too.
    thank you fo participating this week.

  6. You've certainly cornered he market in cattle today!

  7. Great FARM ANIMALS E, I, E, I, O

  8. I like the variety here and although that Delft cow is cute, I agree with Bob, the Falkland Island sheep is the most attractive I think.

  9. Looks like cow is the most common farm animal in the world. :D
    My Sunday Stamps


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