Monday, 14 April 2014

a young man, unknown (to me).


  1. There is a question in that mouth shape (which is echoed in the eyes), an unspoken question - a what or a why or a when - I'm not sure which.

  2. It always makes me wonder, seeing pictures like this, who the people were, what they were like and what happened to them. Do you ever get anyone saying - "Hey, that's my Uncle Tarquin!" - or similar?

    1. Rarely - unfortunately so many of these faces on old photos seem to be 'unknown' now, or rather if there is anyone who might know them, they aren't looking. I had someone contact me regarding the sender and recipient of a postcard sent over 100 years ago - they weren't related but had been researching the family.
      Having said that I view old photos (in other collections) always with a hope that I might find a long lost ancestor :)

  3. I am always fascinated by the heavy vignettes they used to use. Looks like a young man ready to embark on the world...although he doesn't know what direction to go!


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