Wednesday, 7 May 2014

a hidden story

The postcard shows the Church of the Good Shepherd at Lullington near Eastbourne, E Sussex.  It is claimed to be the smallest church in England, with seating for just 20 people.
Sent from Eastbourne to Derby on 15 May 1907, the message refers to what must be quite a sad story. 

‘Dear Thirza,
just received your P.C.  so sorry about Gerald hope he will soon be well  it is very disappointing but you stick to the poor motherless children and take no notice what Miss A wants she is only thinking of her self like they did when poor Rose lay ill  I should have thought that would have been enough for you.  They don’t care about anyone so long as they get their own ends served.  You will be rewarded some day for what you have done.  Let them get someone else & you stick to the children they are first in our eyes.  E.P.

hope you are well with love E.P.

will send Gerald a P.C. in a day or two'

The recipient is Thirza Pearson, the sender her sister, either Elizabeth or Emma.  Their sister Rose (or Rosa) married  a Richard Godwin Webster in 1897, they had two children, Hilda born in 1898 and Gerald (mentioned on the postcard) born in 1901.  Sadly Rose died in 1905.

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  1. The text on the card is better than the usual Soap TV series, although reading the explanation (good genealogy detective work!) makes me feel sad.

    Smallest church in The Netherlands.


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