Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Two views of Nejme Square, Beirut, showing the Hamidiyi Clock Tower.
These photos are souvenirs dating from the mid to late 1940s, and probably were bought as a set, 'Views of Beirut' or similar title.

From wiki (link)
"Nejme Square, or Place de l'Étoile, is the central square in the Downtown area. It is home to the Lebanese Parliament and its complementary buildings, two cathedrals, a museum, and several cafes and restaurants. Most notable for its Art Deco architecture, the square has become a recognizable icon of Beirut City worldwide. The jewel of the square is a 1930s clock-tower with its four-faced Rolex clock. The clock tower was gift from Lebanese-Brazilian émigré Michel Abed.[29] Today, the square is filled with tourists and locals who come here to dine, walk or enjoy the street life. The square is also known for its noticeable population of pigeons."

More photos to follow this week.

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