Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sunday stamps

For the theme of archaeology, Egypt has plenty of stamps to choose from, so I think I found a set I haven't posted before.  Issued in March 1947 for the 25th International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, the designs all have archaeological connections.

The 5ml depicts the 'triad of Mycerinus' whose tomb is the third of the Giza pyramids (wiki link).
The 15ml shows the  mortuary Temple of Ramses II (the Ramesseum) on the West Bank at Luxor (wiki link), the stamp is not quite so blue in reality.

Then two very well known faces of the past - Nefertiti on the 30ml (wiki link) and the mask of King Tutankhamun (wiki link).

I'm participating in Viridian's Sunday Stamps, clicking the icon below will take you there.
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  1. I was expecting you to come up with stamps from Egypt. I wasn't disappointed withe these.

  2. That's a beautiful stamp of Nefertiti, I now regret not visiting the museum with her bust in Berlin.

  3. Like, Bob, I also was expecting Egyptian stamps. All the stamps are wonderful.

  4. Lovely stamps. I am reminded of some Egyptian art I once saw in the Boston Museum of Art.

  5. I still think it such a weird idea that these beautiful, impressive images and buildings have been made so many centuries ago...
    Beautiful collection of stamps!

  6. I think that Egypt is like a treasure-house for archaeology stamps...always nice to see something from those issues :)

  7. I like the light effect they have used on the Nefertiti stamp. My favourite is the temple of Ramses stamp, the blue of which makes me imagine wandering around such a place under blue skies.


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