Thursday, 12 June 2014

Thermia Palace in Piešťany

According to this wiki page (translated), the Thermia Palace opened in 1912 and at the time was the leading spa in Central Europe.  Alfons Mucha was a frequent visitor.

The stamp is one of the first series of stamps issued by Czechoslovakia in 1918 depicting the Hradčany Castle and designed by Alfons Mucha.
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  1. The hotel has a painting of Mucha, with on the left his daughter. It was stolen in 2000, but luckily retrieved although in bad shape. I didn't know he also designed stamps!

    1. thanks for the link to the painting Rob, I hadn't seen that before. Now if only Mucha himself had sent this postcard, then I would have had a really great find. :)

  2. Intriguing -- pedicabs drawn by women in traditional garb. Great find.


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