Saturday, 14 June 2014

Town Hall, Croydon

Postcard by C H Price, 62 High St, Croydon.  c1915.

Here's the link to the google street view.
The Clock Tower still has the Spread Eagle as its neighbour.  I have no idea what was across the street from the Town Hall at the time of this postcard, suffice it to say, it's not there now.


  1. Ha - my business was based in Croydon for years. The Spread Eagle pub on the corner, next to the T Hall, used to be bank - Nat West, I think. But the whole place seemed to have the guts taken out of it by a combination of WW2 bomb damage and 60s vandals posing as town planners - not only some very dodgy looking buildings but also a damn great road splitting the place in two. It must have been quite something, once.

    1. Thanks for the extra info Mike. I should have looked on a census to see if the Spread Eagle existed back then, but didn't think to do so. The structure of the next building is rather like that of a bank.
      It's always a shock to turn around on the street view.

  2. If you visit their website ( you can use google streetview to navigate through the pub. The buildings at the other side of the road are totally out of place indeed.


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