Friday, 4 July 2014


                                                                                                                                        "May 16th 1902
My Darling,
It is Friday night and I have just had a wire from Father to say he will not be home till sometime Sunday and he has been away a fortnight now, who do you think is coming to take Mary’s place, Jennie White from B’ham So that will be better than having a stranger
Fondest love my own little darling from Mother”


  1. That's a strange coat of arms. The name "The Kingdom of Holland" was only used during the Napoleonic era, but the coat of arms is not from Napoleon. But it is also not the one in use today. It appears to be from the Prince of Orange before he became king in 1815 (he returned to the Netherlands in 1813, after the battle of Waterloo he became king).

    1. thanks for the information Rob, I've just looked at the (very) small print on the side of the postcard, and all it says is that it is 'heraldic postcard No 3378', so how Raphael Tuck & Sons have mixed up the coat of arms and names, I don't know.


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