Monday, 8 September 2014

The Coburg Hotel, London

These found snaps show the Coburg Hotel, in the Bayswater Road, which is next to the Queensway underground station.  All the details are a little blurred, but it was just possible to make out the hotel and station name.

The Coburg was a location for filming Hitchcock's movie 'Frenzy' in 1972, though I would think from the car registration plates that this photo is from the 1960s. 

Today's google street view here.


  1. If I remember well not one of his best movies. But what a fine location for a hotel; near museums, parks and public transit. And thank you for the trailer, Hitch didn't lose his sense of humor at high age!

  2. I like all these photos, what a treasure you have. I especially enjoy seeing the automobiles from back then.

  3. London in the 1960s recalls Blow-Up and a lot of other great movies, music, and so on.


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