Friday, 24 October 2014


Every once in a while, a photo has a date written on it, and then sometimes I manage to scan the photo just in time for the relevant date.  And so it is that I introduce to you Walter Teasue (possibly) of Ottumwa, Iowa, October 24 1881.


  1. I like when that happens but often they are blank! Nice picture.

    1. yes, I like to find the photographer's details on the back, but a lot of the cdv's are blank as you say, it's a bonus to find a name and date, thanks for visiting Karen :)

  2. Lovely picture. The square corners give it away as fairly early. Intriguing that his signature is written upside down on the back. Very common on postcards but i've never seen it on a cdv. So nice to have a name and a date, it really enhances the image. I have so many anonymous cdvs, and i'd love to know who they were.

  3. Good timing on the anniversary. Kind-looking gentleman.


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