Sunday, 28 December 2014

Sunday stamp II - 2

For this week's 'toys' theme, although I have only gone back as far as 2003 for the year of issue, the subject is classic toys, so has a vintage flavour, and was titled, 'Transports of Delight'.

One question which immediately comes to mind is where are the toys for the girls?  Whilst I'm sure that many girls enjoyed the above the toys, it seems a particularly male-dominated theme.
Next question, did you have any of these?
We have the Dinky Ford Zephyr as an inherited toy.  

As far as the stamps themselves are concerned, the only one of these I have 'used' (as opposed to 'mint') is the Meccano 1st class stamp.  I imagine the E value (intended for mail to Europe up to 20g) is the most difficult to find used.  The E value was introduced in 1998, but discontinued in 2004. From what I have read it should still be valid for mail to Europe (in much the same way that earlier 1st and 2nd class stamps can still be used), I shall have to try this.

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  1. I have a used Hornby stamp, and I admit that except for Meccano and Dinky (both of which I had as a child) I've not heard of the others.

  2. Rather a nice set, love that double decker. I had a meccano set (but not enough patience for it) and a clockwork train although I lusted after an electric one.

  3. post a used Meccano stamp but have not seen the others.I wonder what could have been included in this Classic Transport Toys set that would be regarded as a girl's toy.

    1. perhaps they could have had a Sindy doll (for the 1960s era toy), maybe a doll's house for an earlier decade, I think (unfortunately) all my thoughts will be something to do with dolls . . .

    2. . . . but then that wouldn't be transport - so that would have to be a doll's pram or perhaps roller skates or a rocking horse . . .

  4. I had a Meccano set and Dinky Toys cars, but not the models shown at the stamps.

  5. How never see girl toys...I want some old dolls! :)


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