Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sunday stamps

For the Christmas theme, firstly a stamp which is not a Christmas issue, but a stamp issued in 1965 to commemorate 100 years of the Salvation Army who do so much good, especially at this time of year.

Next a selection of GB from the late 1960s (GB didn't issue Christmas stamps until 1966), the rocking horse stamp is from 1968 . . .

then the full set from 1969 . . .

Finally moving on 20 years, a snowy Christmas scene from the USA received in 1988.

Sunday stamps has a new host, Violet Sky, thanks Violet.
Thanks for visiting.


  1. I like the rocking horse stamp with the girls hair and the horses tail flowing back. I always enjoy seeing the Salvation band at Christmas around the town centre.

  2. I had not seen that Salvation Army stamp before - definitely one to look out for.

  3. The rocking horse is my favorite.

  4. Fun selections of Christmas stamps thru the years...I can still remember the 3 Kings one!

  5. I volunteered at a kettle one year - it's harder than you'd expect to get it full of coins. (and I was worried someone would ask me questions about the Sally Ann, but thankfully no one did!)
    The angel's gown and wings are lovely.

  6. The Salvation Army indeed reminds me of Christmas, as they make music in x-mas time. However, they do good for the homeless and others in need all-over the year.


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